Vancouver Doula Mentoring

I offer a Vancouver Doula Mentoring Program with the aim of training aspiring doulas (who have completed a recognized birth doula course).

Apprenticeship is a vital component to a new doula's education. With the guidance of a seasoned doula, doula mentoring is designed to build experience and confidence as a new doula. Through mentoring, new doulas will gain invaluable skills to apply toward building their own thriving Metro Vancouver practice.

During this experiential training doula apprentice students receive support and guidance from me. As a seasoned doula (practicing since 1989) I offer my wisdom and expertise and they bring fresh perspective and enthusiasm.

If you are a newly trained birth doula interested in this Vancouver doula mentoring program, please contact me for details.

In addition, I teach doula courses. These courses present birth as a rite of passage, an altered state of consciousness, and provide doulas with the knowledge and skills to support these phases and states, as well as utilizing pleasure in birth to enhance birthing hormones.