I teach online Zoom and in person classes. Contact me for more details, to register, and make etransfer payment. Group rate: $65/couple. Classes can be held privately in your home or on Zoom. Private rate applies.

Breastfeeding Education

Expectant parents learn the basics for establishing successful nursing. Content: breastfeeding fundamentals, common challenges, nighttime nursing, supplementation. In-home breastfeeding hands-on support is also available.

Dates: TBD

'Conscious Birth' Series

Prenatal Series of 8 Weekly Classes
Preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum. Classes are comprised of interactive exercises, brainstorming discussions in small groups/pairs, as well as incorporating relaxation/breath awareness, practicing comfort measures and mindfulness.

2024 Spring Series: TBD Wednesdays
Time: 7pm-9pm  |  2hrs (classes 3 & 5, 2.5hrs)
Investment: $375

Ecstatic Birth™

This online class delves into birth: the history, our cultural beliefs, and the social messages about childbirth pain, to examine how this impacts the birth experience. Participants will gain eye-opening insights that reframe birth as a pleasurable and ecstatic experience, and discover ways to access pleasure in birth.

Date: Sunday May 12

Time: 10am-1pm | 3 hrs

Investment: $65/couple

Home Birth

Participants learn about planned homebirth/water birth preparation. Information includes research regarding safety and benefits, suitable candidates, setup/cleanup, supplies, reasons for transfers, working with life giving pain, and considerations for space, family and pets.

In Person at Mt. Pleasant Community Center, 1 Kingsway, Vancouver.  Register directly with center. (604) 257-3080 (press 1)

Date: Sunday June 16

Time: 10am-1pm | 3 hrs

Investment: $73.50/ 1 session

Physiologic Birth

Reclaim childbirth as a rite of passage and learn how to optimize physiologic birth from this perspective. Partners and birthing persons learn how to navigate this instinctual, transformational journey, while protecting physiology. Participants will gain understanding about the medical model of birth and how it differs from the humanistic model.

In Person at Mt. Pleasant Community Center, 1 Kingsway, Vancouver. Register directly with center. (604) 257-3080 (press 1)

Date: June 9 Sunday

Time: 10am-1pm | 3hrs

Investment: $73.50 /1 session

Practical Baby Care

Parents (expectant and new) learn baby care skills. This class is particularly suited to those who have little to no experience with newborns. Practice bathing, swaddling, comforting, holding, burping, diaper changes and baby wearing.

In Person at Mt. Pleasant Community Center, 1 Kingsway, Vancouver. Register directly with center. (604) 257-3080 (press 1)

Date: Sunday May 05

Time: 1 pm-3pm | 2 hrs

Investment: $68.25 /1 session

Online Zoom Webinars

First Tuesday of Each Month
These recorded Zoom sessions explore a wide range of topics including time tested tips to help you successfully move through your pregnancy, birth, the postpartum, and beyond with your growing family.

Investment: $10
Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm

Upcoming Sessions:

April 3 Epidural 
Learn what is an epidural, its administration, the effects for both mother and baby, and labour. Discover alternatives to work with 'life giving' birth pain, choosing to feel into the experience, not fearful, rather than numb and avoid. Hear about the benefits of birth hormones for mother and baby.