Vancouver Doula & Childbirth Educator since 1989

I have had the immense privilege of providing Vancouver doula care for hundreds of local families with such diverse backgrounds, ethnicity and cultural views about pregnancy, birth & parenting. These experiences have deepened my capacity for support and enriched my care.

Vancouver Doula and Consultant for Childbearing Families

Welcome! For over 3 decades, hundreds of Vancouver families have opened up their homes and hearts, inviting me to support them, on their pregnancy and parenthood journey. I treasure these relationships of heartfelt connection. It's about bringing a sense of raw excitement, wide eyed wonder and sheer delight to their experience for the birth of their child and beyond.

My aim and commitment is to educate families, particularly about the realities of birthing within our technocratic medical system, with the intention to keep normal birth healthy and safe.

Debra Woods

Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Parenting & Infant Care Educator, Birth Consultant, Postpartum Doula

Consulting, Classes and Postpartum Doula Services for Metro Vancouver Childbearing Families.

I provide comprehensive educational and hands on support to my diverse clientele. I bring compassion, infinite patience, humour and mindful presence to meet the specific needs of both expectant & new families.

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As an experienced Metro Vancouver childbirth educator I'm passionate about sharing information that empowers, fosters confidence and emphasizes autonomy. I offer educational sessions, both private in-home and group classes. Topics include breastfeeding, practical baby care, and various prenatal classes such as Conscious Birth, Home Birth, Ecstatic Birth and a Physiological Birth class!

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As a maternity care professional dedicated to sharing my wisdom, I assist parents in preparation for childbirth. Consultations provide opportunities for questions. Topics can include understanding pregnancy tests, induction and low fluids or big baby, GBS, and gestational diabetes, making sense of a previous birth, planning for a VBAC, and breastfeeding or parenting concerns.

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As a seasoned Metro Vancouver postpartum doula and educator in breastfeeding, parenting, and mother/infant care, my postpartum service is provided through in-home support and education. Postpartum care helps families' adjustment into life with baby, aiding in recovery, easing the transition during the early weeks with their newborn.

Your journey holds moments of tremendous joy and uncertainty. I see myself as a guide, a wise woman – helping you prepare for your birth experience, or in the early weeks assisting with feeding and care of your newborn.

Want to learn more about how my experience & knowledge can assist you with Metro Vancouver prenatal classes and postpartum doula care? Book a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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“Debra's birthing preparation and post-care classes were nothing short of amazing. The classes helped Zac and I to be on the same page and be able to discuss our concerns with each other. Incredible teacher, highly supportive, and created a safe space to learn, share, and grow. We went in thinking taking 'a class' just made sense to do, but she had such a positive impact on us, she quite literally changed our lives.”


“After our baby was born, it was exceptionally helpful to have Debra's knowledge and experience available. She provided so much guidance - everything from proper breastfeeding to baby's sleeping, and just giving us the much needed break, by taking care of the baby - she definitely made our lives easier during those early days. I highly recommend Debra's services!”  


“I contacted Debra for support with breastfeeding for my son. She worked with us and within a couple of hours my baby was latching well. Debra explained different positions and provided additional online resources for after she left. Debra continued to follow-up un-invasively on the days afterwards, which was unexpected but greatly appreciated. I cannot speak highly enough of Debra and strongly recommend her service.” 


“The childbirth course with Debra was absolutely vital to our preparation as first time parents. Debra has amassed a remarkable amount of resources and has curated an in-depth course that strengthened our arrival to birthing. Her course is evidence based, it is illustrative of the realities of birth, and also engaging at an emotional level. Debra is devoted to healthy childbearing, we could not recommend this course more.” 


“Debra had the exceptional ability to give my partner and I a huge number of helpful lessons that we have continued to use. She inspired us to create a birth plan that was not fear based, high-risk or filled with doubt, but rather one that allowed us to envision a positive birth experience. She also gave us the recommendation of a number of key professionals that contributed to the success of my pregnancy and birth of our twins." 


“The Ecstatic Birth class was amazing! It helped me map out and come to terms with my fears about the birthing process. Afterwards this sense of peace and confidence came over me. Whatever doubt I had was overcome by joy and excitement from the prospect of meeting my baby on my terms and in a natural way.” 


Debra cared for our newborn allowing us to get a few moments of rest during those overwhelming first weeks and perhaps more importantly was able to help build our confidence as new parents with her wealth of experience and knowledge. I also enjoyed her no-nonsense attitude, caring, fun conversation and most of all, the way she interacted with our baby. We are so grateful to have had Debra's support and highly recommend her services.” 


“We cannot put in words how much Debra's Baby Prep session helped our family! In a few hours we spent with her we had all our questions answered and more! Her wisdom, calm demeanor and the ability to listen to the needs of parents and infants have helped me and my husband gain hope and confidence that we can take care of our baby. As first time parents without extra support here, we are so grateful to Debra for her expertise." 


"Peace on Earth begins at birth."

- Jeannine Parvati Baker

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